Romeo + Juliet Poster

The Romeo + Juliet poster making process was one of the most fun processes I have had. I wanted a very cliché, gaudy, glitzy, cut-up, 90's vibe. The idea was almost notebook-like, as if someone had torn their faces, put bits of their life together and put stickers all around them in order to make them live forever.
I created the poster and all the versions before I decided on the final on Adobe Photoshop. The images are either stills from the movie, or open source images.
These are some posters that were "in the process". I felt they were fun, but not cohesive enough.
These are two older versions where I was experimenting with the centre images, "Play" button on the top right, and a VCR font with a spray-like background.
Here I added the movie director's name in Newspaper cutout, and replaced the VCR fonts with a 90s flowy font with different drop shadows. I liked it very much, but I removed the newspaper letters as I felt it took away too much attention from the other elements.
Final Result