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These are 3 collages made from images from the New York Public Library digital collections. Each series has 4 parts: The original image, along with 3 alterations that are manipulated either digitally or physically through collage and tells a story in parts.


The first series is called 'a slow boom'. It's an image of a farmer, who then smokes a joint and slowly enters a psychedelic world.
medium: acrylic and collage on paper


The second series is of an official document signing with President Nixon. Here I superimposed the image with a poem about guerrillas. I took certain words and parts of the poem that I felt described the actions of these men- impactful, corrupt and silent.
medium: digital media, Adobe Photoshop


The third set of this project is an image from an ancient Islamic text. Here I've focused on the pot in the middle of the men, that turns pink and seeps out pink smoke, which when inhaled turns into a party.
medium: digital media, Adobe Photoshop